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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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at a fundraising event for over an hour. find out why and guess who they're blaming for it. >> bush? >> steve. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. we're continuing to discuss libya because today the president will finally address the nation about it. let's give you the latest details about what's happening in that country. rebel forces now on the move driving westward toward qaddafi's hometown. some reports claiming that rebels had already captured it. qaddafi's forces are believed to be firing rockets from that city. air strikes are reported in other libyan towns as the rebels continue to take over these cities on their march towards tripoli. >> i believe there's like nine -- there were at least nine blasts in tripoli and those two cities were abandoned without a fight. people wonder why did qaddafi's forces pick up and leave?
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and they are fighting in his hometown it seems. momentum has definitely switched. don't you think that will help the president tonight getting some momentum for his speech? >> still, the closest they are is still about 300 miles from where qaddafi is sitting. >> let me point out to you in that map, there's also heavy fighting there and that's even closer to tripoli. >> one thing i was going to say about the president's speech, i don't think it's going to clarify for the american people, one, why we're there and what his mission is to do with qaddafi. i bet you $10 gazillion bucks he won't say that tonight. >> i bet he'll say something like it would be nice if the people would have a say in their future. nevertheless, the president will be going up to the stage at the national defense univeity in washington, d.c. to lay out the mission. it's a little late. donald rumsfeld was on one of
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the chat shows yesterday where he talked about how this administration is handling it. and he used the word confusion at least half a dozen times. listen. >> first thing you have to do is recognize as i talk about in my book, the mission has to determine the coalition. the coalition ought not determine the mission. if you go into something with confusion and ambiguity about what the mission is and we've heard four or five different explanations about why we're there, and that is the root of the problem. it's the confusion that comes from that. confusion about what the mission is. confusion about who the rebels are. confusion about whether or not qaddafi should be left in power. confusion about what the command and control should be. >> so the president's got to do something about the confusion. he's got to end it. >> yeah, but i don't think he'll be able to. i mean, even yesterday, his own secretary of defense and own secretary of state were not able to do that. here's the headline for me. we might be in this thing for
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months and here with the question -- >> or longer. >> here was the question asked to secretary gates. how long will we be there? he says, i don't think anybody knows the answer to that. huh? i mean, can the president -- >> i know he's right. >> ok, but can the president answer? i don't think there's going to be much clarification. >> he's going to deemphasize our role and talk about how we're handing things over in a way say it's not our fight. secretary of defense gates yesterday on the need for us to fight in libya. let's listen. >> no, i don't think it's a vital interest for the united states but we clearly have interest there and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> so if it's not a vital interest, what the heck are we doing there? let us know what you think about that. if it's not vital interest, secretary of state clinton said she went out and said it's a vital interest of our allies in europe. maybe that's a better way to explain it. >> a day before the president of the united states said it was in
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the country's vital national interest. >> contradicting his secretary of defense. >> absolutely. so you've got gates saying that and then immediately hillary clinton stepped in. dick lugar, the republican senator from indiana was shocked about mr. gates' comment. >> before our nation goes to war or has military action, there must be a plan. there must be objectives. the end game, what we want to achieve and then it remains on how that's going to occur. that has not happened as yet. i was startled to hear secretary gates say libya was not a vital interest and secretary clinton came in with the fact that our european allies are very disturbed about the situation. >> which is it? >> well, secretary of state hillary clinton and bob were great together. good to see them on the same page considering one is considered a republican and one is considered, obviously, the quintessential democrat. here's the thing i walked away with with that. when hillary clinton said i
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could be sitting here right now and your questions, david gregory, would be how can you sit there and allow the massacre to help in benghazi and there is no doubt or no spin, he was going to go in and he was going to buzz saw that entire city and he had all the people and he had a bunch of insurance brokers with camouflage jackets on in pickup trucks to stop it. that wasn't going to happen. so far, the president could say we stopped the carnage that would have happened in benghazi, we've allowed the rebels to push forward on tripoli and to put them in position to take back their country. go back to your original point. he will not say that our goal is to take out qaddafi. he will say it's our policy for regime change in libya. >> and i don't think the argument ever was the fact that the u.s. finally got involved. the majority of americans believe that was the right move. i said last week, you can't criticize the president on that. it's the timing. it's the timing of this issue and then what was the full fledged mission down the road. and you start adding up now the costs, this is what i think is going to wake up america.
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do you know that already, this has cost us $1 billion? each one of those tomahawk missiles, 140 of them ohave bee used. $30 million a piece. that f-15 that crash landed $30 million. what about the united states starts arming the rebel? we're talking about billions of dollars here. we have an economic crisis on the home front. >> let's talk about somebody else. is there any doubt in our foreign policy when you look at people that are thorns in our side, it's iran and syria. for some reason, this administration has looked at the eye doctors and said he's a reformer. he's going to bring change. i can't see any change that's good. hezbollah has been financed. hamas has been financed. their allegiance with iran has never been stronger. now, something else is happening. assad seems somewhat knocked off his axis and so do the powers in charge because of the riots
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there taking place. they've already killed in cold blood through sniper fire, firing to protesters at least 61 people in two major cities in syria. and the question is -- what do we do about that? do they get their no-fly zone? here's hillary clinton. >> well, if there were a coalition of the international community, if there were the passage of a security council resolution, if there were a call by the arab league, if there was a condemnation that was universal but that is not going to happen because i don't think that it's yet clear what will occur, what's been happening there the last few weeks is deeply concerning. but there's a difference between calling out aircraft and indiscriminately strafing and bombing your own cities than police actions which, frankly, have exceeded the use of force that any of us would want to see. >> so in other words, they would actually have to put boots on the ground to go ahead and do something in syria is her rational for it.
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there seems to be so many parallels. >> that's a slippery slope. is the united states going to get involved in every single one of these countries? keep in mind that this administration wants to have a good face with the muslim world. now we're fighting three wars and now it appears we're going to continue to go into the countries. >> i know we're a little behind. here's the thing i got out of that. the hillary clip named five things that had to happen before we got involved. how about us leading? we need five different people to get in touch with us. >> going into syria today? >> listen, can't oversimplify my statement. what i'm saying is right now, is that syria is an enemy of our country. they are financing hamas and hezbollah who are killed and are killing americans and israelis on a daily basis. if they're going to sit down and mow down innocent civilians, then i'm saying that we have to consider doing what joe lieberman said. if you want to go in there and establish a no-fly zone, how do you rationalize not doing -- doing in libya and not in syria
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because we're concerned? >> that part. >> when we look at the peril that libya posed to the united states or syria to the area in general, you'd have to say that syria is really the bad actor there. why aren't we getting involved there but we got involved in libya? the president is going to lay it all out tonight. you'll see it here on fox. >> all right. let's get to some of the other headlines for a monday. while you were sleeping, a truck exploded at a construction company compound in afghanistan:the blast killed 20 people and injured more than 50 others. the exact cause of the bombing being investigated. a taliban spokesperson, of course, claiming responsibility. another major setback at japan's failing nuclear site. officials say they are running out of places to store radioactive water filling up in the plant's reactors. that water must be removed and stored before workers can try to power up the site's automatic cooling system, a key step in preventing a total nuclear meltdown. this as another earthquake rocks
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japan over night. the 6.5 magnitude quake prompted a brief tsunami alert. no reports of new damage. congress will be back in business this morning after their recess. lawmakers plan to finalize the budget, they do, for the rest of the year, the latest temporary budget expires april 8th. democrats and republicans are about $50 billion apart on spending cuts. a helicopter pilot rescued by the coast guard after making a splash landing off the miami, florida, coast. the coast guard found jeff mandel clinging to his chopper after landing it in the water. he says he had engine trouble on his way to the bahamas. mandel said he installed floats on the helicopter so it wouldn't sink. good thinking. i bet he's glad he did that. >> no kidding. let's talk about this last week in orlando. senator bill nelson of florida had a great big fundraiser. i think 150 people plunked down $500 a head to hear him and the vice president of the united states, joe biden. well, there was a -- the pool
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reporter, fella by the name of scott powers from the orlando sentinel said, ok, he was told, ok, you can cover it. but you can only come out when joe biden is on the stage. so until then, stand right there. in that closet for an hour and is 15 minutes. >> apparently, this is protocol. not that you're stuck in a closet. the protocol that reporters are not able to mingle with people in these events and allowed to come up. it's a little bit different when you're stuck into a closet. apparently, he would occasionally peek his head out during this hour long closet stay and they would say get back in your closet! was this apology enough. what do you think? >> here it is. at times these fund rraisers ar at private homes. a hold room in this case was a closet should not be a storage room. this is the unfortunate mistake of inexperienced staffer in the vice president's office have made sure it will never happen
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again. >> they're blaming an inexperienced staff member for standing outside the door of this closet. >> if i was scott powers i'd like to find out who that staff member was and find out how much experience they had. i would not take that standing down. >> we know where she is. it's a she but i think the amazing part in this age of technology, the guy can take a picture of the closet was stuffed to and he mailed it to his editor so it was on line while he was in the closet. the picture is on line. >> it is. in the meantime on this monday morning, straight ahead, budget cuts in the united kingdom spawning violence and their budget is only a fraction of our budget. their anger headed to our side of the pond? stuart varney weighs in coming up next. >> company making a quick buck by faking a victim's story from the 9/11 attacks. does the disclaimer on this ad make it ok? >> not to the guy in the ad. he left early to kick off president obama's 2012 campaign
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see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. > >> well, there have been these massive protests, even violence erupting in london now as the british government announces widespread budget cuts to deal with the runaway budget deficit. take a look. debt in the u.k. $1.4 trillion. our debt here in the u.s. $14 trillion. >> doing the math in my head, it looks like 10 times. can we expect the same kind of reaction to budget cuts here in the united states? stuart varney knows a little bit about both. he joins us live. this could be an ugly summer.
6:17 am
>> yes, it is. it's going to be an ugly summer because the kind of budget cuts that set off those violent street demonstrations in britain are coming here. not at a federal government level but the state government level. this summer, there will be a wave of job cuts, everything from teachers to janitors, service cuts. everything from garbage collection to home health. california, new york, florida, illinois, you name it, almost every state, texas, huge cuts coming. especially in education and a delivery of health care services to the poor. these cuts are coming. now, the there's a direct parallel between what we're going to see here in this summer and what we've already seen in britain. the british, their government is laying off a half million government workers. if you do the math and you compare the same economies, britain and america. that's the equivalent in america of 2 1/2 million government workers being laid off.
6:18 am
>> but are you paid -- are you saying that we're gonna see that kind of anarchist behavior that's more typical, by the way, in europe. >> it is. >> than it is in the united states. >> it is. >> by far. are you saying we're going to see that here? >> the parallel will be major street demonstrations led by unions with a political rebound against these cuts. whether you get the anarchist fringe involved in this kind of violence or not, that's another story. i do not know that. but you are seeing the same kind of cuts. you will see the same -- the union-led protests. you've already seen it. this weekend there were demonstrations i think in california and elsewhere about the budget cuts that are coming this summer. >> as soon as somebody gets a big stick and starts knocking on the starbucks window. >> yes. >> that's going to be trouble. >> yes. we shall see. >> what's coming up on your show today? >> i'm doing something on what i'm calling the collapse of the housing market in las vegas and that's a strong word in the financial world, you don't use the word collapse very often. i think it's valid this time.
6:19 am
the housing market in nevada, las vegas in particular, collapsed. big deal. >> stunning. >> we'll be watching for you about three hours from right now. >> yep. >> thank you, sir. imagine landing your dream job on one condition, you must have good credit. should employees who have access to your financial information when you're interviewing for a job. that debate coming up. >> what does president obama need to say tonight in order to convince americans we should be fighting the war in libya? our washington insiders standing by with their insight coming up straight ahead.
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>> got a fox news alert and a couple of quick headlines. new video of a fuel tanker engulfed in flames. the fire broke out early this morning in ft. worth, texas. there's reports that one person may have died. the fire department says the
6:23 am
flames were so hot, they melted part of the highway's steel support beams. meanwhile, an elderly man's sunday paper explodes in his hands. he's doing ok. investigators near san francisco are trying to figure out who planteded a pipe bomb in his newspaper. investigators aren't sure if the man was targeted or if it was a random attack. another bomb was apparently found in the neighborhood but nobody else was hurt. mr. kilmeade, over to you. >> thanks, mr. doocy. president obama set to address the nation tonight of our involvement and mission in libya. what can we expect to hear? what do we need to hear? our washington insiders weigh in, tucker carlson is here and david england is here. vice chairman of the house of delegates in the virginia house of commons and he's a retired air force common and less longer title than tucker carlson. tucker will respond later in the show. tucker, first off, what do you have to hear, you know the
6:24 am
president can deliver a speech. what needs to be the content of the speech? >> i think the beginning, middle and end needs to be a clear, succinct rational for our involvement in this war or as the administration is calling this kinetic military action. because americans need to know what the criteria for involvement are. are we in libya because the leader of libya muammar qaddafi is mistreating his people. if so, what other countries are we enforcing no-fly zones over. are we there because we have vital military or strategic interests in the country. if so, what are they? i think you need to tell in the first sentence the public why we're doing this. why american lives are at risk. that's the one thing they haven't done. >> do you agree? >> i think tucker is right that the president needs to answer those questions. i think it's important to understand, though, that the president has handled this exactly correctly. the president did not go in guns ablazing, he went in and got the
6:25 am
international community behind an effort in order to protect innocent libyans who are trying to craft their own destiny and the president needs to explain very clearly why we're doing that and he needs to show and explain to his critics on the right and the left that doing the diplomatic heavy lifting to get international support is a sign of american strength. >> could be it's almost brand new, too, tucker. he did it from brazil, secretary of state led the charge and it was france and england that pushed this action. >> that's all true to some extent. again, those are process questions and those are the questions on which the white house has been focused. we have the support of our allies in europe and elsewhere, does that matter? it might. it's not the central question. the central question is why are we there? what precedent are we setting by doing it? the philosophical underpinnings of this actually matter and by the way, unless you sell the public on those, you're going to have political problems. >> david, would you put into
6:26 am
this speech a vision for syria, bahrain, yemen, everything else. saudi arabia, should that uprising get out of control. does that have to be in here? >> knowing the president most definitely needs to explain the larger geopolitical context because it's very important. this question about why don't we intervene everywhere is an important question and important question to answer. that speaks to these other countries. in this case, we have a madman who was openly threatening very credibly to wage a bloodbath against his own people. and if america and the international community stand by and let that happen. that only emboldens all these other bad actors in the region at an important time in history where grassroots citizens on the street are trying to take a stand for their own destiny. >> right. i'll tell you this, the president has his hands full like no president i haven't seen in recent times. i mean, you have six nations in the midst of revolution, all of which you can rational have an impact here of long-term security as long as we're using
6:27 am
oil. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. we'll all be watching tonight. a company makes a quick buck by faking a 9/11 story for this ad. yeah, he's a firefighter. he wasn't a firefighter on 9/11 and didn't know he'd be used in this way. can he sue? we'll explain. taking dozens of trips on the union's dime. aren't the schools going broke? we'll explain the disconnect and why big labor doesn't see anything wrong with it and he helped president obama win the white house in 2008 but might back out of the 2012 campaign. robert gibbs' new job offer outside of politics. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being glun-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free,
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>> your shot of the morning now. forget those boring safety presentations by flight attendants or even when you watch them on the screen, right? do you pay attention? you might to this one. richard simmons giving a whole new meaning to in flight safety exercise. >> hi, everybody. in the next three minutes, we're going to work hard, work out and get you fit to fly! let's go! first, let's break it out and lose that baggage. stretch it up to the overhead locker or slide it under the seat in front of you. stretch and slide. yeah! you're a giraffe. now it's seat belt time.
6:32 am
when the seat belt sign comes on, buckle it in. grab, click, pull. grab, click, pull. nice and snug. >> that is good but i think it's going to drive flight attendants nuts after a little while. >> might keep them awake and energized. i love it. come on, who pays attention to those videos? i try to quite honestly but that gets your attention, doesn't it? >> air new zealand? >> exactly. who is the thing about richard simmons. he's finally in good shape. he's never been in better shape. he actually looks like he's thin and trim. >> he said he went on a diet and -- >> sweating to the oldies more than ever. >> good way to put it. seven residents of this apartment building still unaccounted for after the flames tore through the building in ontario, canada, fire started by a massive explosion that police are still investigating. seven residents including a firefighter were injured. >> meanwhile, a disney cruise
6:33 am
ship docking in california with one less crew member on board. 24-year-old rebecca corum disappeared before half way through the ship's voyage off the coast of mexico, her parents flew to california from england to meet with investigators. >> just thankful from the thought of not seeing her again, i don't know. it's frightening to think about it really. >> where is she? disney cruise lines says it's conducted several ship wide searches but no sign of her. authorities from the united states, bahamas and mexico also on the case. >> new video out of georgia where raging wildfires have nearly destroyed a dozen homes including this one in long county. right now, officials say much of the fire is contained but strong winds are causing some flare-ups. the wildfires scorching 30,000 acres in georgia and northeast florida since thursday.
6:34 am
>> former white house press secretary robert gibbs about to become one of the faces in kind, facebook? "the new york times" reports that gibbs is in talks to join the social media giant to help manager the company's communications team. facebook reportedly wants to hire gibbs before its stock goes public next year. so he can cash in on that well. >> remind me to friend him later today. that's right. the tall twins. let's take a look. we've had severe weather. sierra nevadas in california continue to get pounded with heavy snow causing this bowling alley roof to collapse. luckily, people were evacuated before the roof came in. the area has gotten more than 50 feet of snow this winter extending ski season. if you're a ski bunny, a snow bunny, you love it. otherwise, you probably don't. meanwhile, they are going to wind up with another inch or two of snow out in the sierras
6:35 am
today. you can't see it from the doppler right here. big story weatherwise is the great big storm moving through the mid atlantic and portions of florida. could be some severe weather down in mid florida this morning. please keep an eye out as you start this monday. current temperatures, we have a lot of 20's in the northern third and then 30's and 40's and the mid 60's and 70's down south. 53 right now in san antonio. later today, 46 in raleigh with that storm. 57 in atlanta. going to be a beautiful day in the big easy. 82 there. same as san antonio. a little warmer than that for el paso. meanwhile, in kansas city today, 48 and probably in lawrence, kansas, there will be some tears and 46. mr. kilmeade? >> great names. >> one and up. the final two spots up for grabs in the final four. steve's hometown kansas jayhawks, the final number one seed remaining taking on number 11 vcu. virginia commonwealth who takes control of the game in the first
6:36 am
half would build a double digit lead. from there, the rams would hold on to pull off a shot. vcu wasn't sure they would get into the tournament and becomes one of the most unlikely final four teams in history. they play another mid major conference school, butler in the national semifinal. the other matchup yesterday being two of the most storied programs in basketball history. you have number two seed north carolina taking on number four seed kentucky. kentuc kentucky jumped out early but unc tied the game with minutes to go. that's when deandre liggins hits the huge shot. wildcats first final four since 1998. they'll take on uconn in the semifinals who are the hottest team in the -- in college sports. now they get to study. by the way, espn reports out of the five million people that filled out their brackets, two predicted the final four correct. two picked butler connecticut,
6:37 am
and vcu. out in california, kyle bush dominated most of the race and went for his second consecutive weekend sweep. he would fall on the of contention leaving harvick to do it for the win. harvick would pass johnson on the final turn to take the race much that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. let's talk about modeling. it's outrage in modeling. >> it just happens to be a moonlighting job for a firefighter. who decided for $350 to pose for this picture. to pick up some extra cash. now, this is an ad about 9/11. and whether or not the victims would get money and whether or not, how much a law firm would get money who helped those victims. problem is he never knew that this was what the picture was going to be used for and second of all, he wasn't at 9/11. so it's not an accurate ad and he says that photo of the towers there was photoshopped in after the photo shoot. >> yeah, he wasn't even a
6:38 am
firefighter at the time, i don't think so. then 2004 is when he joined the finest and became a firefighter and that fella's name is robert keely and what he says is that he says the ad is an insult to the fire department, to families who lost at 9/11. one of the quotations in one. papers says it makes me look like i'm cashing in on 9/11 stating i was there even though i was never there and i'm sick and possibly suing trying to get a chunk of the money. and even though as gretchen said there was a helmet where that picture of 9/11 was and it was photoshopped out, the ad agency responsible for this ad for the law firm says look, the guy signed a release. we can do anything we want to with his picture. >> and everybody that calls up, the law firm that got a third of the awards for this and a lot of people are outraged by that and i think it's outrageous that all the victims, you know, they got to get -- i get that. they took a third of the
6:39 am
earnings. judge at the time ruled against that. now, they put together this ad. they paid for it and all the outrage, they said call the ad company. here's what this guy said. it makes me look bad. i know a lot of people that died in 9/11. in 2004, i became a firefighter and this makes me look like i'm cashing in. they might sue. do you think he should go ahead and sue? >> let us know. he said he had to call a lot of those families that he knew and apologize. if you see this ad, i had no idea where this picture was going to be. >> he signed the release. >> he may not have a legal case but is it -- you know, i don't know. what's the argument in that? ethical one? i don't know. >> going to be a model, you don't know where these things go. >> that's why we dropped out. we dropped out of modeling. >> for instance -- >> i think that's a little harsh. >> my father posed for a picture in abilene, kansas, for the person who worked right next door to my sister's cafe, the little photography shop, just a stock photo of my dad. a couple months later, his brother up in iowa got this
6:40 am
flier in the mail with my dad's picture on it and said i want to be cremated. it was a thing about cremation. absolutely true! but my dad, you know, my dad signed the release and, you know what, they thought it would be -- >> maybe you should have more empathy for this guy. >> i can understand why the guy doesn't have a legal case. >> i feel so bad for him! i'm the cremation guy. >> that's exactly right. >> wow. >> ok. >> that's a crazy story. >> that should be a segment tomorrow. >> yeah. >> coming up on our show from syria to jordan to yemen and beyond, more and more protesters in the middle east are demanding that their leaders gstep down. who should stay and who should go? that's next. >> a snake on the loose. bronx zookeepers admit they can't find that cobra. why is the zoo still open? >> and he's poisonous. >> it would hurt. >> you know a lot about that.
6:41 am
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>> all right. we got some headlines for you now on this monday. a deadly egyptian cobra is on the loose in new york's bronx zoo. the poisonous snake escaped from its enclosure forcing it is zoo to close the reptile house until further notice. zookeepers say he'll turn up when he gets thirsty or hungry but say they're sure the cobra is in an enclosed space in the snake house so the rest of the zoo is open and they claim safe for visitors. good luck. and superman has a new lois lane, three time oscar nominee amy adams. she, of course, best known for her roles in "the fighter" and "enchanted." amy's superman is british actor henry kaville and the movie
6:45 am
comes out next year. stand by for that. >> libya is not the only scene of crisis in the middle east. there's also unrest in yemen, bahrain, syria and jordan. is it time for a regime change in all of those countries and if so, which leaders should stay and which should go? >> let's ask the man who predicted this unrest. a fox news contributor and author of this book "the coming revolution." dr. ferris, we have a lot to go through. let's start in yemen. we like the leader. don't like his policies. he says he's digging in today. get ready for a civil war. what should happen there? >> well, the country is already divided. al-qaida will grow stronger. iranian influence will grow stronger and yemen will look like somalia if it doesn't go effectively. >> let's move on to bahrain. because we have a leader before who you believe in this case should stay. why? >> well, because in bahrain, it's not just about people and leaders, it's about two ethnic
6:46 am
groups or religious groups, the one sunni and the other shiite. what the ruler needs to do is make tremendous concessions and bring in many shiites for the government. that would be the stablizing factor. >> kuwait is trying to broker peace there. in jordan, a few hundred showed up for the biggest protests in over a month. what do you think should happen with the king's regime? >> king abdela's regime should grow more and more constitutional because 60% of the operation is from palestinian dissent. the only way to do it is reform. >> you want him to stay, right? >> yeah. >> king hussein will stay. he needs to do a lot of reform. >> ok. let's move on to syria where you have president assad and you believe that he should -- >> go. because of 30 years, him and his father before him have been engaged in extreme violence against their own people. the city of hamas, 1982, big
6:47 am
massacre. 18,000 people killed and, of course, when we saw the demonstrations they actually shot against their own people. >> go ahead. what's so intriguing is these protesters are so fearless, they have actually taken over two government strong holds, they continue to protest. they've been gunned down -- have gunned down haphazardly and last night, assad was supposed to address the nation. he's been virtually invisible. might he be more destablized or more thrown off his axis than we ever thought? >> yes, there is a fear now inside syria's ruling elite including the securities forces because of what they've seen in libya, in yemen, egypt and tunisia. so once the demonstrations are encouraged, there will be more fear in the -- you know, in the minds and hearts of the rulers. >> before you go, i have to get your thoughts on what role the united states plays in this because what kind of precedent have we set in libya. now will we go into all these other nations as well? >> libya, whatever is done in
6:48 am
libya cannot be applied elsewhere. what's good in libya cannot be done in bahrain. i think we need a little change of strategic direction in washington so we could understand better the region. >> yeah, but in syria, we'll be really pushed against it because if he goes and gets his choppers up in the air and starts taking out his people, are we going to look the other way because they're allies with iran? >> well, most likely look what we've done with iran in 2009. there was 1.5 million demonstrators opportunity for a change, we did not support. >> you bring up the point you have no idea who some of these rebels are. it could be a lot of chaos and a big mess. always great to get your insights. thank you. >> thank you. >> can you imagine being israel right now? everything is turned on its head. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. imagine finding your dream job but won't get it unless you have great credit. should employers have access to your financial history? we'll debate that next. >> obama administration is prosecuting a school district that refused to give this
6:49 am
teacher three weeks vacation for a pilgrimage to mecca. is this politics at play? we asked a former attorney general next hour. ♪ you know how i feel i'm loving weight watchers new pointsplus program and the edge it's giving me. ♪ freedom is mine ♪ and i know how i feel i never feel deprived. you know how freeing that is? ♪ it's a new dawn, a new day i feel good. i feel good. i feel good. ♪ and i'm feeling good [ female announcer ] join by april 9th and get two weeks free. weight watchers new pointsplus. because it works.
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>> welcome back. should your credit report determine whether or not you're the right person for a job. believe this or not but 60% of employers say they check job candidates for bad credit and use that to decide whether or not to hire that person. now some maryland lawmakers want to limit companies from running these credit checks. they say it's unfair. here with both sides is the maryland house delegate sponsoring the bill and attorney specializing in employment issues, we've got with us pamela devotta, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> have you heard from people who have said look, i was up for
6:53 am
a job and i was denied because of my credit report? >> absolutely. we have a lot of people come and testify about experiences they've had whether it was in retail or, you know, security guard job or something that really has nothing to do with whether or not their credit is good or bad. >> so what are you proposing with your legislation in maryland? >> the bill is actually quite simple and we've actually been working with the business community for the last session or so to try to come to some sort of a resolution which we've actually found. the bill basically says that employers are limited in what they can do. we have a number of exceptions in the bill that take credit whether it's -- whether it's a part of your ability to do the job, you can go ahead and check it. but if you're doing it for reasons that you think the person might steal from you or do it for reasons that you're just curious, that is not sufficient reasons so we cut it off. >> now, pam, you say there are, you know, certain kinds of jobs where this really is necessary.
6:54 am
>> absolutely. and employers are not using credit reports to eliminate groups of people at the beginning of the hiring process. credit scores are not in employment reports and therefore, employers have to actually engage in a detailed and often time consuming analysis to review the information in a credit report. credit reports are the only source of information that has to do with individuals' fiscal responsibility in terms of their habits and their patterns with regard to their financial responsibility. >> sure. but pam, a poor credit report doesn't necessarily mean you're going to do a lousy job if you get that job. >> not necessarily. but remember, a credit report is one factor in the decision-making process that employers undergo and it's important to note that 87% of employers only look at credit reports after an interview or after a conditional offer of employment is made. >> what do you think about that? >> well, like i said, there are
6:55 am
-- i agree with pamela. there are ways -- there are times when checking it is appropriate and we've made accounts for that in the legislation. but what we have found is that employers are, first of all, not following the federal protection. they're not giving people an opportunity to explain away a lot of the stuff in their reports and a lot of the information in the report is actually incorrect and so what you're doing is you're taking some of this information and basing a value judgment on a potential employee based on stuff that, one, is incorrect and two could be actually very misleading. >> pam, you know, it's kind of a catch 22 for some of these people who have poor credit because they may be out of work and so they need the job but because they've got poor credit, they can't get the job. >> certainly with regard to specific positions, credit is very limited in terms of a position that employers are looking at. there are protections urged the law. the fair credit reporting act requires specifically that a
6:56 am
person gives consent and on notice that they're going to have a credit report run and if that employer is going to be based adverse action based on whole and in part of that information, they have to provide the report and an opportunity for that individual to correct or dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in the report before they take action. >> ok. there are protections urged tnd law. >> sure, and she's right, there are, but frankly speaking, if you wanted a job and you've been out of a job, you're unemployed and trying to get back on your feet. who is not going to sign a release for an employer to check their credit? i mean, that's why i'm saying, these federal protections, it's a nice start but i think state action that have been taken in four states and now is going to be taken in maryland is the next logical step. >> very nicely put on both sides. we thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up straight ahead on this monday morning, school leaders caught taking
6:57 am
retirement checks. then taking their jobs back. double dipping. some parents are outraged. we'll hear from one of them. and joe biden's crew in hot water for sticking a reporter in a closet for an hour and a half. how should the white house handle damage control? dana perino knows something about that and she's coming up next on "fox & friends." [ mike ] my name is mike and i quit smoking. i knew for years bore i quit that i needed to quit and i went online to find a way. ♪ what really excited me about chantix -- it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to ve up nicotine. while you're taking the medication, for the first week, you can go ahead and smoke. [ male announcer ] prescription cntix is proven
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. it's monday, march 28th. i'm gretchen carlson. coalition forces focusing on colonel qaddafi's hometown. is he actually a target or not? president obama getting ready to clarify our mission there. is it too little too late? >> ok, the obama administration wants to prosecute a school district that denied this teacher three weeks vacation so she could attend a pilgrimage at mecca. is this politics at play? former attorney general michael f mukasey is here.
7:01 am
>> doing some damage control after sticking that reporter in a closet at that fundraiser. find out who they're blaming for that. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starting right now. >> good morning, every one. hope you had a great weekend. we continue to cover what's going on in libya as the president gets ready to tell the nation his thoughts tonight. coalition forces are driving westward now towards the hometown of qaddafi and the capital of tripoli. the rebels have captured two key oil ports on the way. >> meanwhile, rick leventhal is live there. you're in between, you're hearing the fighting, rick, would you say the momentum is firmly in the rebels' court? >> well, it seems that way, brian. we're in a town that is midway between braga and a gas station
7:02 am
that's virtually empty because they've run out of fuel. any of the gas stations that have fuel have very, very, very long lines and we've seen that as we're traveling towards the west towards apparently the new front line. we're not hearing the fighting. we haven't reached that point yet. clearly the rebels are celebrating because of the fall that was in qaddafi troops' control and now is back in the -- in the hands of the opposition fighters and these are two critical oil producing and oil refining towns. they are so confident, the rebels are, that they have regained control of this area they say they can begin producing oil, 100,000 to 130,000 barrels a day, possibly up to 300,000 barrels a day and they already have a deal that they can start shipping that oil within the next week. big story here is the coalition air strike has taken out so many of qaddafi's tanks and heavy armor and troops that these opposition fighters have been able to retake all of these towns. pushing back towards the west. towards qaddafi's hometown, now
7:03 am
retain another town and now we believe they're dug in just outside of there and there may be battles going on there as well. still, a couple hundred miles, 300 miles from tripoli, brian, but they've made tremendous progress over the last 48 hours. >> rick, i'm reading now that we have -- that we are not arming the rebels. we don't want to give -- we're not sure who they are, perhaps, maybe that's the reason. they say our goal is not to arm the rebels. so if we are not arming the rebels, who is arming them? who is giving them stuff? >> well, they had arms to begin with. certainly they -- they were able to get arms from the former libyan army. a lot of people defected. they have machine guns. they have a.k.'s. they have anti-aircraft guns. what they didn't have were the tanks and heavy armor but as the air strikes have been taking out some of those tanks, the ones that weren't completely destroyed, the rebels have been gathering those up and trying to fix them up so they can use those as well. they had a couple tanks, again, that they repurpose from the army. but for the most part, they're carrying small arms, brian?
7:04 am
>> all right, rick, live in the war zone. thanks so much, rick. >> and we'll talk to dana perino, former spokesperson for president bush about president obama's speech in a few minutes. in the meantime, the rest of your headlines. another major setback at japan's failing nuclear site. they're running out of places to store the radioactive water filling up in the plant's reactors. that water must be removed and stored before workers can try to power up the site's automatic cooling system, key step in preventing a total nuclear meltdown. this as another earthquake has rocked japan overnight. it prompted a brief tsunami alert but no reports of any new damage there. incredible new video into the newsroom of a fuel tanker engulfed in flames. the fire broke out early this morning. this is ft. worth, texas. there are reports that one person may have died in this fire. the fire department says the flames were so hot they melted part of the highway's steel support beams. also in texas, this texas college student accused of plotting an attack on former
7:05 am
president george w. bush's dallas home is making his first appearance in federal court this morning. he is charged with the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. the saudi native also suspected of targeting sites in new york and court doubts show he tried to buy chemicals and bombmaking equipment on line. if convicted, he faces life in prison. you may not know his name but you sure know his invention. the inventer of super glue has passed away. he was working at eastman kodak when he stumbled on a formula for super glue by mistake while trying to make gun sights for the troops in world war ii. it took another 15 years before it finally hit the store shelves. he died of congestive heart failure at his home in tennessee. he was 94 years old. amazing how a lot of inventions happen by accident like post it notes, etc. >> like the peanut butter cups, one guy bumped into another guy. >> i wonder if dana perino
7:06 am
believes that story. live in naples, florida. >> i totally believe that story. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> what should the president say tonight? you're used to talking to the president before a big speech like this. >> well, i think that he's -- he knows that he has to be clear and one of the things he should not do is start off his speech as he does, many of his answers to the press, i have been perfectly clear. he has not been perfectly clear and that's coming not just from conservatives, it's coming from your late night talk show host and when they start picking on you saying you're not being clear, you have a little bit of a problem. i think that this speech some would argue should have come last week when we were starting operations but i'm glad that he's going to give the speech and i think he has a chance tonight to explain to the american people why we are there. why we are there and not other places. what is the -- what is the principle and the difference between protecting libyans from their government and say the syrian people from their government or the yemenese and
7:07 am
then also, he needs to say, how long were -- he thinks we'll be there. he might not be able to say. last week, they said days, not weeks. now it will probably be months. then i also think he has to speak with a little bit of passion to show us his heart is in it because one of the roles of the commander in chief and president bush had to deal with this a lot was try to convince the american people to stay with him and with the troops when it came to iraq and afghanistan. president obama now needs to do that with libya. >> sure. and if you look over the last, i don't know, 72 hours or so, there's been a messaging problem on behalf of the white house. in his weekly media address, the president said that acting there was in the national interest and then the defense secretary gates was on one of the chat shows yesterday and he completely contradicted that, listen to this. >> no, i don't think it's vital interest for the united states but we clearly have interest there and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> so the president says it is
7:08 am
and he says it isn't. oops! >> yeah, last week when they announced that secretary gates and secretary clinton would be appearing together on a couple of the sunday shows, i thought that was very smart. it would ensure the two of them are on the same page. i didn't think their problem would be that one wouldn't be on the same page as president obama. and so i think -- i know where secretary gates was coming from. because i know him a little bit better than i know president obama having worked with him. i think the problem is secretary gates and president obama understand where they're going on this? they probably do. it's one those little bit of a mess-ups but it seems very stark when you play the radio address and then gates' comments and then secretary clinton following that did try to, you know, put it back in the box. >> she did because she said that what really meant by that was we may not have specific vital interests but our allies in europe do and that's why we're defending it. i just see this whole thing, though, as a slippery slope, dana. i mean, my goodness, if you're
7:09 am
going to go into libya, then what are you going to do with these other nations? i don't know if the president can spell that out clearly tonight. >> and he doesn't have much time, you know, speech is going to start at 7:30 p.m. that's an unusual time for a president to be giving speech. not quite primetime. i don't think they want him to elevate to that but it's also, remember, right before "dancing with the stars" because you don't want to cut into that popular program. he just has, you know, 20 minutes or so. speech shouldn't be any longer than that but they have so much explaining to do that, you know, 20 minutes is going to go by pretty quickly and i think that this speech is one of those that needs -- that needs to be very structured. it needs to be one, two, three, and with a strong conclusion and again, a little bit of heart and passion at the end. >> well, dana, if it starts at 7:30, does that mean it's going to interrupt "wheel of fortune"? >> it's actually "jeopardy" down in washington, d.c. which i watch both actually. >> let's talk about something else that is something that
7:10 am
former ambassador to the u.n. has said about whether or not republicans should be focusing on foreign policy instead of jobs right now. listen. >> the subject of national security is one that's absolutely critical as we look towards 2012. the political commentary likes to say that american voters don't really care about foreign policy. they don't see how it affects their lives. obviously, it has direct tangible impact on our independence, on our freedom, on peace and security. >> and on gas prices which affects everyone's vacation at the very least. so people are somewhat zoned in. >> yeah, i think that ambassador bolton has a point. remember, where he was speaking was at an event in iowa where several of the republican presidential potentials had all gathered and one of the things he was saying is if the republicans want to win against a very powerful incumbent president, he might be
7:11 am
unpopular, he is powerful. what they need to do is draw a contrast because economies are cyclical. economies will get better and as anemic as our economy is right now, it is slowly starting to pick up in steam again. it's slow. but going forward. so john bolton's point is let's not fight in that sandbox. let's show the contrast where we can really make a difference and be competitive against president obama and he thinks that's on foreign policy. i don't disagree necessarily. however, i do know -- i do know that a presidential candidate is going to have to articulate policies on both. >> right. >> remember president obama said he had to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> right, dana, i have to ask you a riddle. when you have a fundraiser, how long do you think and the vice president appears, how long do you think a reporter should stay in the car? >> well, longer than it takes to cook a cake, i guess. >> right, 45 minutes or an hour. >> this story is unbelievable. >> this reporter shows up to cover the president in the
7:12 am
fundraiser that's taking place in orlando and they say, yeah, you cannot see the vice president. stay in the closet, we'll tell you when you can come out. he sits in the closet close to an hour. >> yeah, and thankfully now we know the story about it. i sort of wonder as press secretary, why didn't i think of that? >> well, they're -- >> it's protocol that reporters can't mingle but not protocol to put them in a closet. >> that's true although -- what you usually try to have is a hold room. it's called a hold room and many of these fundraisers that are held in somebody's home. sometimes you'll be in a garage. sometimes downstairs in the basement. i remember going to a great one that had like a wonderful pool table that we could all hang out in while the fundraiser took place but i never stuck a reporter in a closet and i think, you know, i think some reporters are kind of blowing it off. i think the vice president's office, in particular the vice president probably takes this very seriously.
7:13 am
it's extremely embarrassing and also rude, i mean, who thinks it's ok to put somebody in a closet? >> nobody. it should definitely next time be a wine cellar. >> at least, with a bottle opener. >> thank you very much. she joins us today from naples, florida. have a great day. >> bye-bye. >> a school district that refused to give this teacher a three week vacation for the pilgrimage to mecca. now the obama administration taking them to court. is it politics at play? >> they say they have beef with the bible. their latest call for change angering some members of the church. right back. tanktops! [ female announcer ] grab a box of multigrain cheerios. get a code to... ...a 7 day plan to get going on your summer weight loss. get the box. get the code. get started! but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements...
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♪ you know how i feel
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7:17 am
a lawsuit against the school district claiming discrimination. so is the case credible or is this somehow politically motivated? former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey and a judge joins me this morning. good morning to you, judge. >> good morning. >> i posed the question at the end of the last block, what would michael mukasey have done as attorney general. the answer is? >> the answer is michael mukasey would not have authorized the bringing of this lawsuit. >> why? >> because the justice department has limited resources and you bring cases that have merit and that are clear winners. this is neither. the teacher in question claims that this is a religious requirement. the fact is that you have to make the pilgrimage once in your lifetime. you don't have to do it this year. she was the only math lab instructor so it could not have come at a worst time. it's not a reasonable accommodation. >> which is what we were talking about in the commercial break.
7:18 am
the law does read that a school district would have to honor a reasonable accommodation like if somebody said they needed to wear some sort of a headdress for their religion. >> right. and didn't otherwise interfere with some feature of their job. for example, getting in the way of machinery or whatever. >> why would the current department of justice file this lawsuit against the school district? what is the message they are sending? >> that's an excellent question. i don't know what the message is that they intend to send. i have heard -- i have seen speculation to the effect that it's a question of outreach for the muslims and so on. i'm all in favor of outreach. i think that if you can find a meritorous case, that's great. if you can't find a meritorous case, it's not great. >> you know all about setting precedence. let's say the department of justice wins this case, what kind of precedent would that set for people to be able to ask for this kind of time off to go to mecca? >> well, gretchen, the only thing worse than winning this case than losing it is -- than
7:19 am
bringing this case and losing it is bringing it and winning it. because it would set a precedent that would say essentially that any time you have an optional religious observance, your employer is obligated to give you time to engage in it. and if people are the experts on what's required in their own religion, we're going to have a lot of -- a lot of slack time in this country. >> i want to read a statement from the assistant attorney general right now, thomas perez, employers not have to choose between their religious practice and their livelihood. federal law prohibits employers to treat their employees less favorably because of their religion. i'm thinking right now that school districts have no money and the idea that we would create this sense of entitlement across our nation when everybody is trying to make budget cuts is just -- it just doesn't seem to add up in my mind. >> it doesn't add up in mine either. you have to question the motives
7:20 am
of somebody who would press a matter like that at a time like this whether they're interested in simply a matter of religious observance or attempt to provoke an argument. >> if you were the judge and this came before you, you would do what? >> that's what the similar judge rules were put there for. >> judge michael mukasey, great to see you. thanks for your insight. >> good to be here. >> teachers taking dozens of lovish trips on the union's dimes, aren't the schools going broke as we've been talking about? we'll explain the disconnect and why big labor doesn't see anything wrong with those conferences. budget cuts are inspiring riots in the street and their budget is a fraction of our deficit. will the anger head west to our side of the pond? will we be seeing this in america?
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> glad you're up. time for the news by the numbers. first, 13%. that's the number of vacant homes in the united states. that news hurting the already struggling housing market. next $150 billion. that's how much money the libyan people could get their hands on thanks to qaddafi's frozen accounts. government groups have not yet decided what to do with the leader's assets. finally $24.4 million, how many money "diary of a wimpy kid" made this weekend at the box office making it number one. lines too long for us to go. >> it pays to be wimpy. >> it does. let's talk about this. if you were watching the channel over the weekend, you saw these massive protests in the united kingdom. upwards of a quarter of a million people went out. >> some say 500,000, i don't know if that's true. >> what i've heard is everywhere from a quarter to half a million people storming the streets of london. take a look at this. they are really steamed at a
7:25 am
proposal that would cut $130 billion in spending from the u.k. government. >> lots of people would potentially be laid off or lose their jobs. could this happen here in the united states? why do i ask that question? when you look at the u.k. debt vs. the u.s. debt, there's a stark difference. over in the u.k., the debt is $1.4 trillion. still a lot of cash but here in the united states, we're looking at $14 trillion. what kind of cuts do we have to make number one? will that insight the people the same way that it's inciting the people in britain. >> what are they going or in britain? they're going for the banks and the stores and the ritzy hotels. in fact, the ritz hotel in particular. they're eyeing things that show the rich against the poor and social services are being cut. so to me, you can almost throw the number out to how many programs are going to be cut and how many people are going to be cut from social security, from unemployment benefits, whatever it is, we'll have to do the same thing. we'll ask that same question of donald trump shortly on our show and find out if he thinks that
7:26 am
because we can't sustain -- we cannot sustain the current spending. >> it sounds as if the u.k., they will probably cut about a half million public sector jobs and we had stuart varney on with us about an hour ago and he said that the way that would translate to the united states is it would be close to -- over between two or three million jobs. imagine cutting two or three million jobs. he says this upcoming summer could be a rough one for a number of states. don't be surprised if you could see that kind of protest, stuart varney, said in places like new york or california or illinois. >> we should clarify, he said it would look a little different because that anarchist behavior is a little more typical in europe than it is in the united states but he does believe we would see massive rallies, maybe not to the extent of the violence that we're seeing. >> can you imagine? i don't understand why are young people doing it? are you getting out of college and expecting to be taken care of? i can see 55-year-old people saying wait a minute, i have a
7:27 am
pension, i have social security. what are young people doing? go get a job. by the way, 84 cops were hurt and 11 hospitalized by these people that can't get themselves a job and wait for the check to come in the mail. >> i was over in london for one of the protests in november and you hit the nail on the head, brian, they were upset because they've never had to make any sort of concessions. they want what their parents had and what their parents had before that. because they've been on the dole for a very long time. >> all right. >> let us know how you feel about that. you can twitter us or e-mail us. in the meantime, how can we stop air traffic controllers from snoozing on the job? the union claims the best solution is a bigger union. and more employees. but will that just make the problem worse? >> what about a mr. coffee in here? and spotting gray hair is a sign of aging. so are the wrinkles as well. why do men and women feel different about over the hill at ages nearly 30 years apart? >> some of those couples look like they're keeping each other up.
7:28 am
meanwhile, jungle jack is in our studio before going to rwanda this morning. they have a special surprise for you coming up. ♪ proud to stand on our own ♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ a familiar face and a name you know ♪ ♪ come on ♪ we know you and we know your needs ♪ ♪ we know what being a neighbor means ♪ ♪ and got a reputation to uphold ♪ ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there
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7:32 am
it's offended the entire nation. listen. >> like juice heads, gorillas, sexy, tan, sweaty boys. >> oh, my gosh! >> why would they be offended? >> they say the jersey shore kids embody the worst stereotypes of italian-americans. the show is filming part of its next season in italy so they're showing previews to the italian people because they're shooting and creating a bit of a stir and they're outraged and embarrassed. one of the people said maybe bin laden is right because of all the things it shows decadence, self-obsession, narcissism and a lot of jail. >> the people of italy are esteemed they're coming it their shore. >> it's an embarrassment. how embarrassing is it, every time you see a celebrity event going on like the super bowl, biggest hit was the situation. he's -- he's a celebrity. >> they get paid $20,000 for just showing up.
7:33 am
>> as long as he doesn't talk, it's ok to look at his abs oochlt why do people watch this? you never hear a parent say i want my kid to grow up and be like snooky in you don't hear that. >> the kid watch it and a lot of kids go, can you believe they did that? it's not like they're the role models. it's like they're crazy. >> true. that's the time if you're a parent and can't stop your kid from watching cable, you could use this as a parenting moment, don't act like this. don't treat women like that. don't dress like that and don't be afraid -- >> my problem with is most parents aren't sitting around watching at the same time. maybe kids aren't getting to parental -- >> i'll tell you what, if one of the kids refers to gtl, you know it's time. >> thank goodness my kids aren't. let's do some headlines right now. very serious situation regarding the disney cruise ship docking in california with one less crew member on board. 24-year-old rebecca corian
7:34 am
disappeared half way through the ship's voyage after the coast of mechan mexico. her parents flew to meet with investigators. >> i don't know. frightening to think about it really. >> well, disney cruise lines says it's conducted several shipwide searches but still no sign of her. authorities from the u.s., bahamas and mexico also on the case. >> meanwhile, a spring break trip ends in tragedy when four high school students and another man die in a horrific car crash. it happened on interstate 65 in the state of alabama. this picture was taken at the scene. the teenagers were hit head on when another driver reportedly crossed into their lane into oncoming traffic. investigators say bad weather may be to blame. the teens were all high school seniors returning to indiana from a spring break down south.
7:35 am
>> all right. congress will be back in business this morning after their recess. i wonder what's happening when they were gone. lawmakers hoping to finalize the budget for the rest of the year, the latest temporary budget expires april 8th. if there's no budget by then, there will be a government shutdown. democrats and republicans are $50 billion apart. they'll have no problem closing that gap. i'm being sarcastic. gretch? >> the bible is going to the dogs? that's right, animal rights group peta is calling for a more animal friendly translation of the good book. they say animals should be referred to as he or she rather than it. are you serious? >> finally! >> ok. the request comes after another bible translator agreed to make the bible more gender inclusive using language like he or she rather than just he. >> meanwhile, let there be weather. let's take a look at what's going on in the atmosphere and as you can see, we have a big storm system in the mid atlantic down through portions of florida where there is some heavy weather mid state. not so sunshiny right now. meanwhile, we have a little bit
7:36 am
of snow believe it or not, moving through portions of the tennessee valley at this hour. >> it's not raining cats and dogs. >> not yet. >> it's raining he or she. >> as soon as cats and dogs are living together, that -- >> then you have a story. >> current readings, it's 18 right now in caribou, maine. 19 in minneapolis. 27 at the airport in new york city. 30's and 40's down south. and take a look, today's daytime highs, it's going to warm up but it's still going to feel chilly in the northern plains. 36 in minneapolis and chicago, a little cooler than that in cleveland and the ohio valley. mid 40's in the mid atlantic as that storm system moves through. behind the system as you can see in memphis, be approaching 60. we're going to have 60's, 70's and 80's across portions of the great state of texas. 82 the daytime high in new orleans and 77 in tampa. all right, brian kilmeade, now it's time to talk about what happened at the big dance. >> yeah. been there before, final two spots were finally filled.
7:37 am
steve's hometown kansas jay hawks, final number one remaining are gone. virginia commonwealth too good. they built a double digit lead and the rams held on to a 71-61 lead. vcu wasn't even sure they were going to be in tournament. they were put in there. a lot of people you were upset. now they know they belong. butler got in as well. another matchup between two big time programs, you had maybe the biggest in college basketball history. number two north carolina taking on number four kentucky. kentucky jumped out early but unc would tie the game with minutes to go. kentucky would go on to win 76-69. wildcats get to the final four unexpectedly, first time since 1998. they'll go play uconn in the semifinal. that will not be easy. espn asked for you to fill out your brackets there. >> right. >> five million people did so. only two people had vcu and butler in the final four. that's great news for
7:38 am
tournament, first time a final four has had -- has not had a number one or two seed in it. and look at this, nfl wide receiver gets his chance to show off his soccer skills and has been doing it all week and he's going to do it officially today. cincinnati bengals wide receiver hasn't played competitive soccer since high school. he wanted to try it by going to the mls in kansas which is the name of their franchise there has decided to give him a shot. he's looked good. he gets to play on their reserve team. ochocinco expected to be cut from the mls squad after the match. but another soccer star himself and the g.m. says he's giving him a chance to play because he's been a class act, a hard worker and he's lightning quick. he looks pretty good. players love him. there he is. >> one of the guys. >> and good dancer. >> ok, coming up on the radio show featuring 9:00 and noon today, wally ferris will be joining us and megyn kelly in
7:39 am
the studio. >> maybe you want to talk to her about this potentially which is a new study that comes out. how do men and women feel about getting old? at what age does a woman say she feels like she's getting old and at what age does a man say? > >> not even close. 30 years apart! au >> this was a study done by lancaster university for, of all the people, av lon funeral plans. according to them, women feel old at age 29 and men 58. they say women feel old around 30 because they're expected to get married and start a family. guys at 58, 59 because that's when they retire. keep in mind, this is a u.k. study and people retire early over there. >> i blame society and so does this study. they show all, they show women looking young and fit and youthful where men could appear in a lot of ads looking mature with a little gray and, you know, there's a deemphasis on men's good looks where women are
7:40 am
heavily weighted towards good looks and as a male, i think it's wrong. i know we should be looked at more for what we look like. >> could you say that again, please? >> yes. let me see. i believe that women are unjustly judged by the way they look and i think men should be unjustly judged by the way they look. >> thank you so much. >> you see there? >> wow! >> 30 years in our judgment. >> because usually you don't take the chick's side. >> right. i'll trying to be fair and balanced. >> gretch, according to -- >> bow! -- wow! who else is surprised in this studio? there we have it. >> i do blame society. >> sure. >> well, you know, and of the women who returned the results in the survey, a quarter said when they found the first gray hair. >> for women. >> for women. >> i have not found one yet. maybe there's hope. i have blond hair. i've been safe. >> 22% of the guys say they felt old when they started complaining that the music in
7:41 am
the bar is too darn loud! >> it's not true. >> is that true? >> that's a study. >> there was something else in that study you're not bringing up. >> that has to do with virility. i'll leave it at that. when men need the blue pill, they decide they're own. >> the blue pill is aleve. >> thank you. in your world it is. >> better leave that alone. >> i'll save you both right now. coming up next, latest on an american man captured during these protests that have been going on in syria. we'll tell you that story. >> and jack hanna about to leave on a big trip. he's here with some furry friends to explain what he's up to. we'll ask him about that missing cobra here in new york. >> leopard or cheetah, write us. >> first the trivia question of the day -- [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible, by nature valley. >> he travels around the world to learn about animals and educate others about them. before he takes off for his next trip, jungle jack hanna has come here with all his favorite animals. >> joining us now is the director of the columbus zoo, the former director and the aquarium there. jack hanna into the wild, jungle jack hanna and you have a dingo with you. >> we have two of them. ding-dong and ding bat. they don't like them. >> it looks like a dog. does it act like a dog? >> safe to pet like a dog? >> go ahead and pet them. people think of them as pets. there are only about 200 to 300 wild dingos that you see in australia. the ones you see left have been mixed with domestic dogs. that's where the problem starts. they get into neighborhoods and people think they're pets and they're actually have a big
7:46 am
problem with too many of them. the dingos off the coast of australia does not really bark or anything. you can tell a true dingo by how big it is. this is full grown. >> would it be more like a coyote? >> similar, yes. they hunt in packs and that type of thing. only one death attributed to a dingo by the way. >> can we ask you, what do you make of that cobra to got loose at the new york zoo? brian famously dropped one on this program. >> that was a cobra that had been defanged for breeding purposes. we work together, all the zoos work together, we have bronx zoo that's a tremendous zoo, you know, i'm sure they know there are one of the greatest zoos there are. you put powder on the floor. in 1973, i had a boy in my office and i was a zoo director back then and he got loose in
7:47 am
the office. i couldn't find him. you know where he was? i looked everywhere. he was up in the air conditioning unit way up in there around the coils and i was in a meeting and he flops down on the floor behind me. >> you and don't like snakes. >> that was for a donation. i lost everything. >> you're holding something in your hand. this is about to come out. >> this is an armadillo in the world that can totally close up. it's full grown from brazil. the armadillos we know of are much larger. see this thing right here? >> is he shy or fearful? >> they're nocturnal. >> see there, it's nocturnal. >> like a zsu-zsu pet. >> they have very poor eyesight but excellent hearing and smell. this is the only animal in the world that treat help racy when it was on the planet. doesn't cure it now. did cure it. >> this critter is good at hearing, has gigantic ears. >> just like him, he has big
7:48 am
ears. this is a little fox. full grown. 7 years old from northern africa in the red desert and this animal can go his whole life without drinking water. go his whole life without drinking water. in the desert. >> you will not give him any water? >> no, in the desert where he lives in the wild. when he lives with me, he has water. >> good question, though. but they eat mainly scorpions and snakes and lizards. there's no water in the desert basically. they're nocturnal as well. those ears aren't just used for hearing. it's like not elephant, it keeps him cool like a dog's tongue keeps him cool. >> wow. i want to bring in the baby leopard because they're always so cute and cuddly until they grow up a little bit more. >> look at the size of those paws already. >> they're a beautiful little creature. this animal here, we've seen them in the wild and i've seen a leopard pick up a 500 pound, 400 pound and stick him in the tree like it's a marshmallow. >> can i hold him?
7:49 am
>> no, endangered species. >> bring this in real quickly. >> hold him right against you there. >> all right. >> there you go. >> right against you. >> keep him away from your face. turn him that way. i don't want to scratch him. >> that's ok. >> he's ok. >> ok. >> they have two to four cubs. >> will he remember me? and i can go to the jungle and he'll remember him. >> he'll remember you all right. >> tell me about the hudson hawk here. >> this is a harris hawk, one of the only birds of prey that can hunt with each other. most birds of prey can hunt by themselves. not the hawk. they can about 140 miles an hour. mainly around texas, mexico, down in part of the country. >> and that swoops down and eats animals. >> yeah and the talons grab the animal and the beak is used for tearing meat. every bird has a different beak. cracking nuts and fruit and that type of thing. >> tell me about your trip you're going on. >> i leave at 7:30 tonight. i do letterman and then we go to
7:50 am
nova scotia and we'll fly to malta because of the wars everywhere. because the plane is taking over for a dear friend that has never seen gorillas. we're going to see the mountain gorillas and i go to south africa work with a man building lodges. back in 10 days. >> what a great life you've carved out for yourself. doing great things for people. >> thank you, all. >> thanks for the leopard. i couldn't afford one on my own. >> make sure you feed it twice a day. >> do you have a caribou that i could borrow or water buffalo? >> don't push me, i'll bring one in here. >> get the shovel out. >> thanks, jack. here's what we'll talk about next. how can president obama convince americans that going to war in libya is a good idea? a former speechwriter for president george w. bush here next. >> first, today is march 28th and this day in 1957, number one song in the country "happy together" by the turtles. jack, you forgot a turtle!
7:51 am
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> welcome back. president obama delivers a speech on libya tonight and his critics hoping for a lot of answers. >> yep, bill mcguran is the former chief speechwriter for george w. bush and a columnist for "the wall street journal." how much pressure is on the president tonight? >> i think there's a lot of pressure. you're the commander in chief and your obligation to go to the american people and tell them why you're committing u.s. troops. >> you're not doing it first. you're doing it in middle. >> you are doing it in the middle. obje
7:55 am
obviously, i think it would be better to do it beforehand. it's one of the requirements. looks like they tried to do it without giving a speech and you can't do that as commander in chief in a free country. >> yeah, maybe he was waiting for nato to take over. it sounds like they are flying some planes now. you got people on the right, they don't trust him because he went to the united nations first and you have people on the left saying we've got to impeach him! >> yeah, he's -- and the reason is because his actions seems to be contrary to everything he campaigned on. so the right -- >> you know he hates this. >> yes, obviously, he hates it, but that's the trap for him. he can't think politically. one reason he's in this fix is because a lot of his statements during the campaign were political. he's now the commander in chief. with u.s. prestige on the line. we have a dictator who is defying us and there's no happy ending for the united states unless he's gone. >> so it's u.s. policy for qaddafi to go but not this mission. how do you word that? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> you're a speechwriter. >> that's one of the things about speeches. speeches cannot make up for substance.
7:56 am
when we did the surge speech, that was the policy going forward. nobody wanted to hear that. it did explain what they were doing and why and it holds up pretty well. president obama has to give an accounting of what he's doing but the substance has to work. it's want just a matter of nice words. has to have a compelling substance. >> 15 minutes, is that right? >> doesn't have to be long. >> tonight, maybe he'll explain the obama doctrine, whatever that is. >> could easily do that in 15 minutes. >> helps that the rebels seem to be on the oeveffensive now. it looks like a better story to tell. >> i think it's a better story. the problem he's is had is president obama, what he's doing seems to be contrary to everything he's campaigned on. he has to square that circle with his responsibilities as commander in chief. >> so giving the speech with gritted teeth. we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, brand new information on a breaking story we're following this morning. why this oil tanker exploded on the edge of a texas highway. >> and the answer to the trivia
7:57 am
question of the day. lady gaga. the win certificaner from kansa. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's monday, march 18. already i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. colonel gadhafi's hometown left in ruins. the bombings in libya seem to be getting personal. are we finally ready to admit he is a target? president obama getting ready to clarify america's mission tonight. >> steve: why wait so long? a company trying to make a quick buck with an ad that stretches the truth on the 9-11 survivors' stories. does a tiny little disclaimer at the bottom make it okay? we'll report and you are going to decide. >> brian: so much for freedom of press. an aide said that joe biden ordered a reporter to wait inside a cramped closet for more than an hour. now that reporter speaking out between brooms. "fox & friends" starts right now.
8:01 am
>> steve: we're going to hear from the guy who was in captivity in the closet finally. >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: we will moments away, we will hear his first words. coalition air strikes helping libyan rebels gain ground in their fight to oust gadhafi. they captured key oil sports and are on the door steps of gadhafi's hometown. >> brian: rick leventhal is in libya in the area which fell back into rebel hands. i understand without much of a fight. is that correct? >> that's what we're hearing, brian. good morning to you and gretchen and steve. we've been telling you about this complex and you can probably see it behind me. despite the smoke coming out of that smoke stack, we're told it's not yet operational, but could be quickly. this complex and the refining and storage facility in braga,
8:02 am
major oil port, in the hands of opposition fighters who were able to push to the west and further on because of those coalition fighter jets. nato jets taking out gadhafi's heavy armor. just 48 hours ago, gadhafi's troops were in control of ajdabiayh. as soon as they took out gadhafi's tanks and some of their troops, the rest of the troops retreated and they have been retreating all the way back to gadhafi's hometown. you've seen a lot of celebrating. we've seen a lot of disabled tanks and armor in the streets. as these opposition fighters clear sailing all the way to the west. now they're picking in for battle in gadhafi's hometown and there is fighting there and the troops still have tanks there. i don't know if you've seen this video from tripoli released this morning of moammar gadhafi
8:03 am
apparently in a vehicle driving around a government and military compound in tripoli followed by supporters. there are still people clearly apparently in support of gadhafi. this is courtesy of libyan state television. from what we've seen, libyan state fighters are in control of much of the country and continuing west. thanks. >> steve: rick leventhal. did you see one of the news anchors on the evening newscast, holding an ak 48 yesterday? >> brian: no, i didn't see that. you can't do that and have a hand held mic. if you have to cover ammo and a gun, you're going to have to -- >> steve: it's an image. >> brian: i've never seen where they run with sedans and mini vans. they take a city. >> steve: there are a lot of little pick up trucks. >> gretchen: all i can say is i hope the president knows what is going on because he'll be giving a speech tonight, finally, to the american people. he paperly is going to clear up
8:04 am
the confusion about the libya mission, or will he? because it even seemed as recent as yesterday that his own people didn't have a clear vision of what we're doing there, number one. i mean, is it a vital interest for the united states? is libya a vital interest? well, secretary gates, the defense secretary, and secretary of state clinton seem to disagree on that. listen to gates. >> no, i don't think it's vital interest for the united states, but we clearly have interest there and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> steve: so he, the secretary of defense, says it's not in the united states' national interest, but then you had the president of the united states during his media message which was released on saturday saying yes, it is in the national interest to act. so tonight he's got to walk that line. which one is it? he needs to state his standing because as we've been watching, it has changed. >> gretchen: i want to clarify,
8:05 am
secretary of state hillary clinton went on then to sort of cover, i think, for gates. >> steve: changing the subject. >> gretchen: and say, well, it may not be an immediate vital interest for the united states, but it's a vital interest to europe and they are our allies which makes it a vital interest for us. >> brian: john mccain said this, this mission has been characterized by confusion and decision and delay. no wonder the american people are confused about the reason for this operation. it's one for the libyan people. number two is get gadhafi to go. >> gretchen: we don't know. >> brian: the president will not say that. he will say he should go. >> steve: he has said gadhafi should go in the past. so what will happen? stay tuned, 7:30 on fox of in the meantime, one of the guys on a chat show yesterday, republican senator from indiana, richard lugar, he said that so far, this no-fly zone thing over libya has cost us perhaps $1 billion. >> brian: 300 million a week. >> steve: that's what he's
8:06 am
suggesting. when you look at the break down, and we talked about how they have fired off over 160 of those tomahawks and they cost between 600 oregon a million and a half to replace, that number goes up pretty fast. >> gretchen: the f-15 that crash landed, at least $15 million. probably more. when the military comes to congress for supplemental funding, will that happen? >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: will they have to come before congress? it will be interesting to see how congress votes on that because remember, a lot of people were miffed in congress because the president did not come to them to get permission to have this so-called war, if that's what it is. here is the other thing that will be stun to go people waking up, how long do you think that america's interest should be in libya fighting this? because at first it was diagnosed as maybe a couple days, maybe a couple weeks. guess what, folks? they can't answer that question right now and it could be months. how do you feel about that? let us know. >> brian: possibly the greatest action today outside yemen and libya is in syria.
8:07 am
why? because they are an oppressive society who pride themselves on collaring down on their people in a ruthless way. >> steve: where do the terrorists come from? >> brian: a lot from syria. they always have. and hezbollah and hamas have come from syria. and they've created unrest in lebanon and constantly, even today, and their alliance with iran has been problematic to us. now these citizens, having no rights, are standing up knowing that 61 of them are dead already. by the way that, is a statue of the current leader being taken down. obviously ripping down his face right there on the side of a wall in two major cities, a huge uprising. today we understand the army is lining in the port city of latakia, fully armed. the army is streaming into the port city. what will we do? will we allow the syrian people to get mowed down? secretary of state hillary
8:08 am
clinton. >> well, if there were a coalition of the international community, if there were the passage of a security council resolution, if there were a call by the arab league, if there was a condemnation that was universal, but that is not going to happen because i don't think that it's yet clear what will occur. what's been happening there the last few weeks is deeply concerning, but there is a difference between calling out aircraft and incriminately bombing your own cities than police actions which frankly have exceeded the use of force that any of us would want to see. >> steve: but is there a difference between killing your own people and -- >> brian: with aircraft and machine guns. >> steve: people driving along the street, what is the difference? hear what is happening -- >> brian: that was the question posed to senator joe lieberman.
8:09 am
>> if assad does what gadhafi was doing, which is to threaten and go house to house and kill anybody who is not on his side, there is a precedent now that the world community has set in libya and it's the right one. we're not going to stand by and allow this assad to slaughter his people like his father did years ago. and in doing so, we're being consistent with our american values and we're also on the side of the arab heel. >> gretchen: i think that's amazing because to me, this does sort of start a slippery slope. is america then going to attack every single nation? i don't know. i feel uncomfortable with part of that because you got to wonder where does that end. >> steve: well, what about the congo? you look at the genocide going on there, anybody talking about intervening? absolutely not. >> brian: but the congo is not of vital national interest like the middle east is. >> gretchen: okay. but e-mail us.
8:10 am
let us know what the real vital interest of libya is to the united states. the rest of the headline, a setback in japan's nuclear plant site. they are running out of places to store radioactive water. it's been filling up in the plant's reactors. reports that water is leaking from the site. that is not good. the water has to be removed and stored before workers can try to power up the site's automatic cooling system, a key step in preventing a total nuclear meltdown am. another earthquake that rocked japan overnight, it prompt add brief tsunami alert, but no reports of new damage. american student arrested in syria after allegedly taking part in a protest against the regime. 21-year-old student has reportedly been in touch with his father and said to be safe and well, but his whereabouts are still unknown. an update on the deadly fuel tanker fire that we were showing you earlier, fort worth, texas. a local newspaper reports that the truck burst into flames after being hit by a driver who was going the wrong way.
8:11 am
that driver reportedly died in the crash. the driver of the truck taken to a nearby hospital. officials say the flames were so hot, they melted part of the highway's steel support beams. so much for freedom of the press. an aide to vice president joe biden forced a veteran reporter to wait inside this cramped storage closet for 75 minutes before letting him out. scott powers of the orlando sentinel says it happened at a $500 per person democratic fund-raiser. >> when i went in there and sat down, it was cramped. the protocol is they didn't want me to talk to anybody. >> you ever been put in a closet before? >> this is my first closet. >> gretchen: powers calls the move highly inappropriate and demeaning. biden's spokeswoman e-mailed him an apology saying, scott, you have our sincere apologies for the lack of a better hold room. i am told once the vice president arrived, the situation was quickly rectified and hopefully you weren't waiting too long. we should clear up the fact that reporters are often put in these holding rooms when they go to
8:12 am
these events. it's just never quite in a cramped closet before. >> brian: you got to say no. if you're a reporter and they say go in a closet, absolutely not. >> steve: the problem is, that sounds funny. the problem is, he's the pool reporter and he's got -- his assignment is to chronicle whatever the vice president says and if they say look, you got to stand there, you got to stand there. they're not going to stay stand there in that closet ever again. >> brian: you're a reporter, you can stand up for yourself. air traffic controller busted snoozing on the job. how do we make sure that doesn't happen again? the union says a bigger union might do the trick. >> gretchen: teachers taking dozens of lavish trips on the union's dime. but aren't the schools broke? why the unions don't see anything wrong with those trips. >> steve: at a zero and another zero. [ older brother ] h, that's the last crescent.
8:13 am
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>> brian: air traffic controller caught snoozing on the job now has plenty of time to catch up on his sleep because he has been suspended. dan creeden, a supervisor, admits he dozed off. the union adding more people to the overnight shift to try and curb the problem. but is that the best solution? andrew langer is here, bigger union, best answer? >> no, actually we don't think that's the answer. we think this issue actually underscores a much deeper problem, that with the incredible breach of security in dc air space that seems to have gone unnoticed by everybody, from the faa down to the air traffic controllers union. >> brian: if one guy does not -- has a rough day, whatever the reason is, those planes are
8:17 am
allowed to land basically on their own. and you're stunned that they both breached security, united plane and american plane. >> what really is the issue of once it was a clear this tower had gone dark, why wasn't anybody in law enforcement notified? you've got a police force at washington reagan national airport that could have gone up and checked the tower to see what was going on, to make sure the tower wasn't taken. to make sure somebody hadn't been paid off to let some unknown plane land. nobody was notified. the pentagon, the department of homeland security. this thing was allowed to happen. we don't think putting another air traffic controller necessarily is the answer. we think there needs to be some changes to the security protocols at reagan national airport and other airports around the country. >> brian: you think we could do that using technological advances as opposed to adding another guy to say, hey, billy, wake up, there's a plane coming. >> certainly there are all sorts of advances you can use to keep somebody awake in the tower, but even if you just told the local police force to go and check the
8:18 am
tower every hour, to radio in to check with this guy to make sure he's awake and everything is okay every half hour or so, that would certainly solve the problem. at the same time of allowing and making sure that these towers are fully functioning and doing their jobs. >> brian: the unions complain even though this guy was not in the union, they complain that's why, there is not enough job opportunities and we need more people. >> the bottom line is you have air traffic controllers who are making a large sum of money, over $100,000. it's a tough job, no doubt about that. there are ways you can co- locate other folks in these towers if they want company. but putting another air traffic controller when there are only five or six flights between midnight and 6:00 a.m., that's not a solution that makes any sense from a safety or security or cost effective standpoint. >> brian: all right. andrew langer, a couple issues here. number one, we don't need more people. number two, why were those planes allowed to land ten years after 9-11 when there was nobody
8:19 am
there to coach them in. could have been taken over by somebody. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: coming up, college professors blast one of their own students for expressing her opinions on anchor babies by sending an e-mail to everyone on campus. did they overstep their boundaries? that student will join us live. budget problems in the u.k. just a fraction of what we're facing, yet they're seeing violent protests in the streets. is this headed to the united states of america? donald trump offers his take. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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8:22 am
>> steve: we've got a couple of headlines. seven residents still unaccounted for after planes tore through this -- flames tore through this apartment building. it started by a explosion that police are investigating. seven others, including a
8:23 am
firefighter, were hurt. you may not know his name, but you sure know his invention. harry couver, the inventor of super glue, has died. he stumbled upon the formula while trying to make gun sights for the troops in world war ii. he died in his home in tennessee. harry couver was 94. >> gretchen: listen to these incredible numbers. last year the new york state united teachers union spent $3.8 million on member conferences. that includes $1.8 million for a fleet of vehicles to shuttle them around. $231,000 for photographers to immortalize the events. caterers, $225,000. but the union says that spending essential. jeffrey canada is the founder of the harlem learning zone and i think he might have a different opinion on that. good to see you as well. >> always great to be here. i think this is one of those stories that people scratch
8:24 am
their heads. all of us know that we're in really difficult budget times and we're trying to figure out how we spend every dollar the most efficiently and effectively as we can. i'm not a union member, so woe be it for me to tell them how to spend their money, but teachers who contribute want to see that money spent in ways that will help the children of this state. >> gretchen: yeah, because that money is coming from the dues of the teachers who are paying the unions. their argument is that their conference center was not big enough. i want to read this statement, absolutely essential, they say, it provides the skills they need to advocate for members and fight for what students and schools need to succeed. our financial operations are transparent and our members get every pennies' worth in their representation they receive. but i bet you would love to have all those dollars that they spent for your school, wouldn't you? >> i think there is another story here that i really like someone to look at, which is the union raises a lot of money.
8:25 am
how much of that money goes towards supporting politicians that we should really be looking at to see how these folks are voting because i don't think our politicians have done the right thing for our children in this state. and when you look at things and the way we're trying to change some of the rules and regulations to actually help children in this city and in this state, our politicians don't seem to be with us. so i'm wondering if that's because they're receiving dollars and support from the union in which clouds their judgment. >> gretchen: you're not the first person to ask that question. let's talk about governor cuomo because originally he said there would be tremendous amounts of cuts regarding education in the states, but now he's vacillating on that. what do you make of that? >> the governor has added additional dollars, about $250 million in education, still a huge cut over a billion dollars in education, and i think it's going to be really tricky for the cities and the
8:26 am
municipalities around this state to manage their education budgets. i'm a big supporter of the governor's position, but one area that i'm really concerned about, which is the governor's stance on last in, first out. we need to make sure that if we have to lay off teachers and that will probably be the case, that we're keeping the best teachers for new york city's and new york state's children and not the ones who have the longest tenure and we need a message from the governor that he's in support of ending this now instead of letting us make decisions that are going to hurt the poorest communities. >> gretchen: maybe they should look to you as the president of the united states did to figure out how to run a school in poor neighborhoods that works, like your school, the harlem learning zone. tell me now about the initiative that's come about from the president from looking at your school. >> the president has decided that they were going to create 20 promise neighborhoods, which are replications of our work, in
8:27 am
the poorest communities in this country. i was watching a segment you all were doing about the money we're spending in foreign countries and, you know, we're worried about what's going on in libya, fine. i'm worried about what's going on in detroit, what's going on in milwaukee. i would love to see some investment made in those communities, which we all -- i think the educators are accountable, but make sure the children have a chance to make it. that's what promise neighborhoods does. the president's al located -- allocated the money. the congress seems not to want to put the money. but we need to make smart decisions. >> gretchen: interesting debate about where the money should go. foreign nations or here at home. always great to get your thoughts. thank you for being here. >> always happy to be here. >> gretchen: thank you. president obama getting ready to clarify america's reasons for going to war in libya. what should he say tonight? what would donald trump say? we'll ask him next 'cause he'll be here. he helped president obama win the white house in 2008, but robert gibbs might back out of
8:28 am
the 2012 campaign. his new job offer, outside of politics. we'll tell you what it is. and breakthrough country singer josh thompson here to play one of his latest hits as "fox & friends" rolls on for a monday. ♪ i won't be lonely long ♪ by the time the first beer's gone ♪ ♪ yeah i'll be floating on a neon cloud ♪ ♪ with my friends around ♪ we'll be raising up our glasses and singing out loud ♪ ♪ you done me wrong ♪ drinking song ♪ ladies tonight it's on ♪ yep ♪ no, i won't ♪ [ male announc ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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8:32 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. let's do a couple headlines for a monday. disney cruise ship docking in california, but they have one less crew member on board. 24-year-old rebecca disappeared halfway through the ship's voyage off the coast of mexico. now her parents have come to california from england to meet with investigators. >> the thought of not seeing her again is awful. i don't know. it's frightening to think about it really. >> gretchen: disney cruise lines says it conducted several searches, but no sign of her. officials on the case.
8:33 am
>> brian: college student accused of plotting an attack on former president bush's dallas home is making his first appearance in court. he's charged with the attempted use of the weapon of mass destruction. court documents show he tried to buy chemicals and bomb making equipment on-line. he also suspected of targeting sites in new york. if convicted, he faces life in prison. >> steve: meanwhile, congress finally be back in business later this morning after their recess. that's a live shot of the dome. lawmakers there hoping to finalize a budget for the rest of the year. the latest temporary budget fix expires on april 8. if there is no budget by then, there could be a government shutdown. democrats and republicans are about $50 billion apart on spending cuts. good luck. >> gretchen: controversial law firm accused of cashing in on september 11. it ran this ad showing a firefighter hold ago photo of
8:34 am
the rooms of the world trade center under the headline, it says, i was there. problem is, he wasn't there. this firefighter joined the new york fire department three years after the september 11 attacks and in the original photo, he posed for, he moonlights as a model, he was holding a helmet. we asked you to weigh in and here are some of the e-mails we have received. david from plano, texas writes: using a model's image is one thing. making a significant change in that image that the model would find represencible is another. another one says, if i was a firefighter, i'd sue. i'm sure the contract says to be used any way the company chooses, but modified? continue to let us know how you feel about that. >> brian: it's time to bring in donald trump who is going to be decide not guilty june whether he's running for president. his show has captured the imagination of the entire kilmeade family. we watch every sunday. it was just on last night. welcome back.
8:35 am
it's monday. it's time for you. >> good morning. >> steve: great to have you. >> brian: first off, we see a lot of what's going on. the president has a big speech tonight about libya. what would you include if it was your gig? >> i think number one, he's got to talk about who the people are that we're fighting for because i'm hearing more and more that these rebels are aligned with iran, maybe al-qaeda and what's going to happen when we fight -- we've spent over a billion dollars so far in that war for the arab league and that's saudi arabia and a couple of others. we've spent over a billion dollars already on that war and we are in that war whether we like it or not. and the arab league hasn't given us ten cents. they said, we're with you, we're with you. then all of a sudden, they disappear, as is usual and we fight the war. so we're spending money for saudi arabia, they're not reimbursing us, and who are we fighting for? i hear the rebels. they sound oh, wonderful, wonderful. what's going to happen when it's all over and they turn out to be al-qaeda or maybe iran?
8:36 am
>> steve: that would be just awful. >> it's no different than iraq because about two minutes after we leave iraq, iran will take over the oil fields of iraq as sure as you're sitting there. >> gretchen: what do you think about people are saying, now the same situation is happening in syria, so maybe the united states should get involved there. do you think it's a slippery slope and what would you do? >> it is a slippery slope and more and more, you realize we're over there fighting wars to open up these governments and they would have opened up themselves because it's a mess. it's a total mess. that whole part of the world, you just wonder should we be there at all because it is a total mess. >> steve: speaking of mess, i'm sure you were watching over the weekend some of the live images out of london. anywhere between a quarter of a million and half a million protesters upset that the government, just like our government, is running low on dough and they've got to make big spending cuts: when you see those images where the police
8:37 am
have to be called in to keep the people from destroying those shops, what do you think? >> i think very strongly it's going to happen here if obama continues and remains our president because he's not fighting for us. he's allowing other countries to take advantage of us. opec is a joke what they're doing and china, i mean, most of our money is going to opec and china and we don't have money for our people. so i would fully say if this attitude persists, it will absolutely happen in the united states and bigger and better than what you're watching over in london. >> brian: i got to ask you, if we are having budget cuts and social programs will affect everybody's lives are going to be cut out or cut back, is there a way to communicate that to make it acceptable for the american people who rightly or wrongly are used to getting these checks? >> i think you can communicate it, but it's really not that necessary. we're spending money and we're losing money and jobs to other countries that if this weren't happening, you wouldn't have to
8:38 am
make those social cuts. we have people that have absolutely no idea what they're doing running this country! >> gretchen: all right. i want to move on to something that happened last week because once again, i know it's hard to believe -- but there was a lot of talk about donald trump and what happened on "the view." you brought up the idea of the president's birth certificate and the fact that you would love for him to show it just to clear everything up. and then whoopie goldberg said this. >> i think that's the biggest pile of dog mess i've heard in ages! >> a birth certificate he doesn't want to show. >> let him show. >> any white president asked to be shown the birth certificate... . >> let him show his birth certificate. >> gretchen: mr. trump, does it have anything to do with race?
8:39 am
>> absolutely not. and i like whoopie, i've always had a good relationship with her. she asked know do a movie for her. knives a movie. but frankly, it's insulting that she brings that up. what does that have to do with race? when she said it, i said, what are we talking about? they asked john mccain for his birth certificate. they've asked others for their birth certificate. they asked bush for his, by the way. i just found out over the weekend. and they would ask me for my birth certificate and by the way, it's sitting on the top of my desk. they give you a certificate of live birth, which anybody can get, just walk into the hospital and you get a certificate of live birth. it's not even signed by people. now, this guy either has a birth certificate or he doesn't. and i didn't think this was such a big deal, but i will tell you, it's turning out to be a very big deal because people now are calling me from all over saying, please don't give up in this issue. if you weren't born in this country, you can not be president. >> gretchen: do you think he was born in this country?
8:40 am
>> i am really concerned. and i will tell you, when this all started a week ago, i assumed, hey, look, you have no doctors that remember. you have no nurses of the president of the united states that remember. that ad was placed in the houston paper, that was placed in the paper days after he was born. so he could have come into the country and did it for social reasons they put it in. they did it for whatever reason. there are a lot of reasons you could have put an ad in. but he could have been born outside of this country. why can't he produce a birth certificate and by the way, there is one story that his family doesn't even know what hospital he was born in! >> steve: i've heard that. before you go, what about the main stream media counts of this dust up over the last week, where they're trying to paint you as the mayor of crazy town for bringing this up? >> it's amazing. i start off every time i talk about the birthers, i start off by saying, and it's very interesting, i was a great student at the best college in the country. you know? i want to let people know.
8:41 am
i'm a senator guy. because what they do to the birthers and i don't even like the term. i think it's unfair. these are people that want to see a birth certificate. they want to know that the president was born here! >> gretchen: why would you go down this path, donald? a lot of people were asking that last week as well. why would you decide to do this if, in fact, you decide to run for president? >> because if you're not born in the united states, you can not be president. there is a real question. and if this birth certificate exists, you know what i get a kick out of? the governor of hawaii says, i remember when he was born 50 years ago. i doubt it. i think this guy should be investigated. i doubt it. he remember when is obama was born? give me a break! he's just trying to do something for his party. the fact is, if you're not born in the united states, you can not be president. he is having a hard time -- he spent millions of dollars trying to get away from this issue, millions of dollars in legal fees trying to get away from
8:42 am
this issue. i'll tell you what, i brought it up just routinely and all of a sudden, a lot of facts are emerging and i'm starting to wonder myself whether or not he was born in this country. >> brian: that's not going away in your mind. donald, "celebrity apprentice" going well. thank you for joining us. we look forward to this every monday. >> thank you very much. >> brian: breaking news on former egyptian president hosni mubarak. >> steve: then hear from the student blasted by her college professors for her stance on the illegal immigration. teachers sent out an e-mail to everyone on campus. did they go too far? she joins us next. ture is uniqu. pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious.
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8:46 am
secretary robert gibbs about to become one of the faces behind facebook in the "new york times" reports he's in talks to join the social media joint to help manage the company's communications team. he would know a thing or two about that. steve? >> steve: he would. meanwhile, a college freshman at rawlins college in florida is getting a lot aflac after voicing concerns with an op ed. she says, quote, these anchor babies gained full citizenship from simply being born on american soil. and they are entitled to all the same benefits as you and i, including free public school, educations, financial aid, college and medicaid. that piece led to some professors to bash her and the newspaper as well. joining us now from orlando, we've got jamie, along with the editor of the newspaper. nick, and managing editor greg golden. jamie, let's start with you. why did you write this?
8:47 am
>> it was one of the topics brought up by our weekly assignment meetings and i had some prior interest in the 14th amendment so i decided to pick up the opinion article, not knowing that it would receive anything close to this much attention. >> steve: and speaking of attention, i understand some members of the faculty have suggested in a campus wide e-mail that you could be a racist? >> yes. they compared some of the wording in the picture that was used along with the article of a green alien as a sort of play on words for illegal alien, to be comparable to genocide and nazi propaganda used in world war ii. >> steve: , nick, here she is giving her opinion and you got these professors completely, you know, in my estimation, perhaps going over the line in their criticism of her.
8:48 am
>> i mean, to be honest, i would agree with you. i think certain individuals did cross the line. i think that we're really glad that so much dialogue has come from this and it led to such a wide open discussion and so many people being engaged, but definitely initially i would say that some of the responses were inappropriate and certainly not as friendly or conducive to a student as we would like. >> steve: absolutely. greg, i understand that this particular op ed lit up your e-mail box like no other. >> definitely. on other web site we received over 180 comments, which is more than anything else in our web site combined. we hosted an open forum on campus that the president, deans and faculty and over 200 students attended and what's been wonderful is people understand that they can have this open dialogue and be protected by the freedom of speech on campus. >> steve: sure. jamie, almost out of time, but given the firestorm, would you write it again?
8:49 am
>> i would definitely write it again. >> steve: i understand where you're coming from. you wrote what you believed. jamie, nick, and greg, we thank you all for joining us from orlando. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on the rundown, country star josh thompson here to perform his song "won't be lonely long." right back.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> gretchen: fast moving developments in the middle east. the unlikely path of andrew cuomo, what president obama might learn from the governor and guess who gallup says comes out on the candidate for 2012 for the gop, bill and i right here in america's news room at the top of the hour. back to you guys on the curvy couch.
8:53 am
>> gretchen: he is a breakthrough country singer who now has a third hit off his debut cd, josh thompson is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so you were usually a writer, a lyricist. right? >> yes. >> gretchen: now you're out in front and center. >> yeah. i've been in nashville for six years, just kind of writing and trying to get my foot in the door and had a record deal for about two years and single number three right here. >> steve: fantastic. what are you going to do? >> my current single "won't be lonely now. >> steve: we're going to get out >> gretchen: introduce your friend. >> rod jansen ♪ when lonely sitting i fought back the tears ♪ ♪ i don't love you anymore ♪ so hard to hear ♪ how lucky am i
8:54 am
♪ you said good-bye ♪ 7:00 o'clock on a friday night ♪ ♪ i won't be lonely long ♪ by the time the first beer's gone ♪ ♪ i'll be floating on a neon cloud ♪ ♪ with my friends around ♪ we'll be raising up our glasses and singing out ♪ ♪ you done me wrong ♪ drinking songs ♪ and lady, tonight it's on ♪ yeah ♪ no i won't be lonely long ♪ i usually ain't much on dancing ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm cutting up a rug ♪ ♪ i won't say no, ma'am when the ladies ask if i'm with anyone ♪
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♪ no, ma'am ♪ and i'm spending every dollar i got ♪ ♪ i won't be lonely long ♪ by the time the first beer's gone ♪ ♪ yeah, i'll be floating on a neon cloud ♪ ♪ with my friends around ♪ we'll be raising up our glasses and singing out loud ♪ ♪ those done me wrong ♪ drinking song ♪ ladies tonight it's on ♪ no i won't be lonely long ♪ well, we rent an empty space in this parking lot ♪ ♪ look at all the friends i got ♪ ♪ i won't be lonely long ♪ by the time the first beer's gone ♪ ♪ yeah i'll be floating on a
8:56 am
neon cloud ♪ ♪ with my friends around ♪ we'll be raising up our glasses and singing out loud ♪ ♪ those done me wrong ♪ drinking songs ♪ ladies tonight it's on ♪ and i won't be lonely long ♪ no i won't be lonely long ♪ ♪ >> steve: very nice! nothing like starting out monday morning talking about drinking some beer. terrific. want to stick around? >> absolutely. >> steve: "fox & friends" rolls on in two minutes. ♪ sun in the sky
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